Milan Design Week, 2018

The installation at the Milan Triennale, designed by Paola Coronel for 3M, showed the public of Milan Design Week 2018, how design wrapping can change the perception of surfaces.

The project, consisting of three macro-boxes, highlighted different possible approaches to interior design: an elegant and refined environment, played in shades of gray, represented the formality of the world of work; an environment full of crates, with furnishings almost stacked one on top of the other, showed the chaotic world in which we live, always in constant change; and finally, the third environment, much more colorful and glam than the previous two, winked at the world of social media and at the narcissism that influences our lives: a backdrop made up of rolling strips also showed the different possible processes that many of these materials allow , such as direct printing and carving.

The installation, dedicated to the launch of the new 3M ™ DI-NOC ™ 2018 collection, also included a pattern mosaic with over a thousand tiles placed on the back of the room.